Milan appointed third seat of the central section of the Unified Patent Court (TUB) marcantonio-demo 25 June 2023

Milan appointed third seat of the central section of the Unified Patent Court (TUB)

In a press release dated 18 May 2023, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the Italian Government had agreed with France and Germany to establish in Milan the third branch of the central division of the Unified Patent Court (TUB).

Recall that, originally, the agreement establishing the TUB (which will officially come into operation from 1 June) provided that London, together with Paris and Munich, was the seat of the third section; however, the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the TUB, following Brexit, automatically excluded the seat of the British capital.

Moreover, even if the UPC is now starting its own business, it is of course impossible that the Milan section of the headquarters could also start operating in the coming weeks, since no agreement has yet been reached on the competences to be assigned to the Italian section (a very sensitive issue on which it will not be very easy to reach an agreement very quickly) and have not even been appointed judges to be seconded to the Milan section.

As stated in the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Government is now implementing the administrative and organizational procedures necessary for the Milan office to be operational by 2024.

Come si legge nel comunicato del Ministero degli esteri, il Governo sta ora implementando le procedure amministrative ed organizzative necessarie affinché la sede di Milano possa essere operativa entro il 2024.