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The company APTA, with offices in Milan, Bologna, Verona, Padua and Vicenza, has born picking up the suggestion and demand coming from the Clients of FELTRINELLI & BROGI law firm, which has been working since many years on national and international scale in the field of trademarks and patents’ protection and in all IP matters.

The special needs urged by our Clients has been get an IP highly specialized law firm, whose legal and professional expertise are jointly matched with the technical background of a IP consulting company: melting of skills, able of ensuring the best and more effective growing, handling and protection of the IP rights.

Following this suggestion, in 2005 APTA was born, whose distinguishing feature can be immediately identified with a close and costant integration between attorneys-at-law specialized in IP protection and technical consultants qualified as patents and trademarks attorneys.

The above advantageous partnership which distinguishes APTA’s professional team, joined with the international vocation of the firm, makes APTA - FELTRINELLI & BROGI the competitive partner able to provide their clients with an ongoing support in the whole managing and valorization of their IP portfolio and intangible assets.