Client area

Patents and trademarks filing

All APTA’s professional counsels are member of the Industrial Property Consultants’ Italian Association and they are also qualified in representing the clients before the Italian Patents and Trademarks Office for filing national patents and trademarks, before the European Patent Office (EPO) for filing of European patents, before the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for filing of International trademarks and patents (PCT), as well as before the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) for filing of European trademarks and designs.

Our team of consultants ensure unquestioned professional expertise due to a long lasting experience arising from decades of works reporting directly to well known companies, consultant company and even to the European Patent Office.

APTA’s consultants, boasting skills in all the main technical fields (mechanics, electronics, biotechnology, chemistry, informatics and more), provide the full handling of all procedures of filing, registration and maintenance of patents, models, designs, trademarks, domain names and copyright both in Italy and abroad.

Particularly, through their professional attorneys, APTA provide with the registration of

  • European and International (PCT) patents
  • European and International design (Aja Convention)
  • European and International trademarks (EUIPO, Madrid Agreement and Madrid Protocol)

In some cases (as happens with the European patent and the International trademark or design), it basically deals with filing, preliminary exam and granting of rights regulated by unified procedures intended to be valid in all the Countries which are member of the related International agreements, as well as the corresponding national registrations.

In other cases, (as happens with the European trademark and design) it deals with registrations ruled by a self-governed regulation, independent from national laws, which, as granted, extend their effectiveness to the territory of all States members of the European Union.

In both cases, such procedures - directly managed from APTA’s consultants, qualified in acting before the competent international and European authorities - bring substantial advantages, whether because they lead to international registration that are really valuable (inasmuch often preceded by a rigorous exam on the merit), and also because they imply a considerable reduction of the budget in respect of individual national filings.

Instead, in case of countries in which it is not allowed to take advantage of international procedure of unified registration, APTA act before the individual national authorities through a solid net of local consultants with unquestioned reliability and expertise, which manage the registration proceedings in loco according to APTA’s attorneys directive and with their supervision.