Client area


APTA professional team acquired a long lasting and focused expertise on the drafting of written opinion and technical report, particularly in connection with litigation, both judicial or extrajudicial, in Italy and abroad, focusing in the field of:

  • infringement or invalidity of patents, designs, trademarks and other distinctive signs (indications of origin, company names, domain names), software and copyright.
  • unlawful stealing and disclosure of secret or confidential information (know-how)
  • unfair competition, with special attention to events concerning slavish imitation of goods or distinctive signs belonging to others, commercial discredit, appropriation of the qualities of the products or of the company, diversion of employees or coworkers, parasite competitors.

Besides, great importance must be reserved to the preliminary opinion concerning validity and infringement of patents, designs, trademarks and copyrights, through which the client is allowed to previously evaluate the chance of starting or not a date commercial or productive business

APTA’s professional counsels can widely assist the client:

  1. in drafting and negotiation of contracts - national and international - of assignment or license of IP rights,
  2. in preparing technical evaluation of patents, trademarks, and know-how within a wide range of operations such as merger, acquisitions and business unit transfer, bankruptcy procedures and similar.