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In the field of IP one of the most critical activity is the handling of litigation having technical and legal content, particularly concerning patents, know-how and software, both for the huge economic effort that in most cases such proceedings imply and, most of all, due to the need of an integrated team which can deal with them, consisting of specialized lawyers - with specific skills both juridical and technical, allowing them to fully understand all technical features involved in the lawsuit - and of technical consultants skilled in intellectual property, qualified with a complete mastery of the rules and principles related to the international patents law.

It is exactly in these kind of proceedings, among others, that APTA – FELTRINELLI & BROGI can enforce and make available to the clients the wide-ranging professional skills owned by the firm and that make it like no other in the national scenery of IP consulting.

The standing synergy between technical consultants coming from various experience and specialized lawyers - on which APTA FELTRINELLI & BROGI can rely - allows timeliness and proficiently deal, in a worldwide view, with all issues arising from the managing of whatsoever IP lawsuits.