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Our consultants provide whole assistance in carrying out availability searches, patents' drafting, filing of National, International and European patents - Prosecution from the application to the granting of IP rights - Strategic consulting in managing of patents assets, as well as services for managing and taking advantanges of IP rights after granting.

Utility models

Named also "small patents ", utility models could represent the fastest and cheapest way in order to protect the innovation of some goods. Choosing between a patent and an utility model depends on numerous factors among which the content of the innovation, the State in which the applicant wishes to get the protection, as well as commercial and legal involvements: all of these items can be examined and advised through our technical and legal consultants' expertise.


Availability searches - Fling of National, European and International trademarks - Prosecution in the phase of exam and of opposition - Strategic consulting in managing of trademarks assets as well as services for managing and taking advantanges of IP rights after granting.


Novelty searches - Filing of National, European and International designs and models.

Protection of intellectual property rights on creative works including format, software, websites, advertising, video, engineering projects - Unpublished works

Domain names

Domain names registration - Litigation before national and international authorities.

Know-how and trade secrets

The high value achieved by technical and commercial information requires that everyone needs to know such information, whether he is an employee or a third party in respect of which a project is presented, should be properly ruled through the signature of non disclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements, non-competition agreements


Integrated management strategy between technical and legal skills in the extrajudicial and judicial, national and international litigation dealing with patents, trademarks, design, copyrights and unfair competition - Italian advertising standards institute (IAP) - Italian competition authority (AGCM).

IT Information technology

Personal data protection ("Privacy code") - E-commerce code - Content and hosting provider liability

Surveillance service

Surveillance services on patents and trademarks all over the world including our report and written opinion. Web surveillance

Web monitoring

With the coming of the cyberspace constituted by the web and through the increasing importance of it as a place of commercial transactions, Internet has become a place in which often infringements of trademarks, patents and copyrights occur. It is important indeed to start a web monitoring service through which the worldwide web can be continously watched in order to locate the focus of the counterfaiting and take immediately the most effective measures.


In a world increasingly featured by the free movement of the goods from any origin, from the point of view of the protection of IP rights in these years a main role has been played by the custom control of the goods aimed at verifying the importation of infringed goods. As a consequence, the Italian and European customs 'surveillance through which the goods pass in order to enter in a State or geographical area (i.e., European Union) is of the utmost importance for the effectiveness and immediate stop, by the customs authority duly alerted, of the import of goods in violation of trademarks and patents.

Due diligence

The evaluating process is developed by our professional team including at least one attorney-at-law with expertise in IP rights and one technical consultant member of Industrial Property Consulting Association. Such evaluation is basically split up in the following three phases: (a) preliminary phase; (b) operating phase and (c) drafting of due diligence report. If the data are of huge amount, our firm will provide the Client of two due diligence report: the synthetic version (so called executive summary) and the analytical version (i.e. the full report)

IP valuation / assessment

Patents, design and trademarks evaluation and technical reports, aimed at, for example, their assignment or budget charging.


Setup of in-house general training and of specialised workshops, both at Clients' head offices and Employers' association in the field of Industrial and Intellectual property law.

Patent Box

Assistance for taking advantages of all tax benefits and public funding granted by Italian law to patents and trademarks owners.